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Compost Tea Brewhaha!

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Are your yields full of sparkle but not able to tip the scales in your favor? Do your friends giggle when you talk about your actual efficiency? Are you tired of those evil salty growers bragging about their monster- truck- like harvests? Well buckle up organic warriors, it’s time to harness the true power of nature and ride the billions of beneficial beasts to yields-ville.

For billions of years here on spaceship Earth, microbes have chewed up dead stuff and rocks and spit out plant food like little champs. That’s a fact, Jack. Now before your plants stack fat sacks of wax on their backs, they have to get nutes 

from the roots up to the shoots. That’s where our old plant buddies come into the equation that tips the scales from tip to tail so let’s set sail to get that whale of a harvest, but not at sea, we’ll get it with Compost Tea!

Enough of the rhyming. I know I’m better at growing than writing so bear with me while I let you in on the organic gardener’s answer to better yields.

In your indoor soil, there are some of the same microbes that your plants would encounter in nature, except there aren’t that many. Microbes, or beneficial bacteria and beneficial fungus, are the catalysts for organic production and without them living and growing in your soil, your organic garden would suffer greatly.

So let’s invite microbes over to do what they do best: turn unusable organic matter into delicious plant batter! Oh! The rhyming is just sneaking in here.

There are a few sources of microbes to choose from: earthworm castingscompost, and guano. Earthworm castings have a massive amount of microbes without a bunch of NPK and are pretty consistent from batch to batch. Home sourced compost is generally great, but varies from batch to batch. Guanos offer plenty of microbes that help out our plants, but also come with NPK, so watch out for the burn! Also, microbes love the simple sugars like molasses, which will provide extra goodies to your plants, like a little Calcium and Magnesium. And I have yet to find any beneficial microbes, all tattooed making art at Burning Man, so let’s make sure there is plenty of water for your recipe as well.

This is going to be so simple.

Here’s what we’re going to do:

1) Choose an amount of water, for this example we will use 5 gallons, because that’s what most of you will end up using anyway.

2) Add oxygen with an air pump and air stone. For the pump, the bigger the better so if you have the coin, drop it on an Eco Commercial 1. It’s so worth it.

3) Add 3 Tablespoons of molasses to feed the microbes.

4) Add 5 cups of earthworm castings.

5) Wait 24 hours.

That’s it. Billions of beneficial bacteria will bloom brilliantly in your bucket. Drench the media just as you normally would and watch your plants flourish!

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